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Tasia Ward, Practice Manager

Tasia has been working for Timber Valley Pet Hospital since 2007, and during her employment, she has learned and perfected every single position on staff! This accomplishment alone is why we consider her to be the most valuable player (“MVP”) of Team TVPH. She is also our MVP because she is the most productive and competent employee we have ever had. She is well-organized and always makes constructive use of her time while at work.

Tasia is able to remain businesslike and stay focused during our hectic appointment times and always does her best to organize Dr. Gray and our Associate Veterinarians so clients are taken care of as efficiently as possible. She has a magnetic personality that everyone notices from the moment they meet her, and she strives to use her influence on other team members here at Timber Valley Pet Hospital in a positive way.

This is one of the many reasons she was recently promoted to the position of Practice Manager. In this role she will be applying her organizational and her time-management skills to improve all the daily tasks and services carried out by the Treatment Team.  She and Co-Practice Manager, Alexis Gray are jointly responsible for all of our practice management and administration.

Tasia has always set the example for others to follow with regard to her work ethic, productivity, and professionalism.  She has extensive knowledge of Dr. Gray’s and Timber Valley Pet Hospital’s protocols, and can be trusted to consistently make decisions that are aligned with what is best for patient and client care. She is a valuable employee and she continually demonstrates her leadership skills within the practice.