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Brisa Garcia, Level I Technician & Pet Care Attendant

Brisa has been working for Timber Valley Pet Hospital since October of 2015 and has proven to be a valuable asset during her first year of employment. She originally came to our clinic seeking veterinary practice experience as a volunteer because she was a student working on her undergraduate degree in a related field. She stated her intention was to become a veterinarian within the near future.

It wasn’t long after she started volunteering that we offered her a position on our Treatment Team as a Pet Care Attendant and gave her all the experience she wanted as an Assistant Technician. Brisa has excelled in these positions and quickly became one of our most dedicated team members who has proven to be very committed to exceptional patient care. She has learned quickly and always shows great attention to the details of all aspects of veterinary medicine.

She is currently in the process of applying to veterinary schools and we have no doubt that she will be accepted to as many as she presents herself to. We hope she will continue to work for us throughout her educational process whenever her schedule allows. We will always make room for her on our employee schedule in any capacity she offers!