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Mikki Griffith, Certified Lead Technician

Mikki Griffith

Mikki joined Timber Valley Pet Hospital in November of 2013. She is a graduate of the Veterinary Assistant Certification Program at Weatherford College. She is an enthusiastic employee and her quest for knowledge and experience has been wonderful for the treatment team. Her clinical experience while she was in school was working in a city animal shelter where funding was variable, so resources were limited. She learned to monitor patients quite literally “hands-on”, so her attention to detail is impressive.

We are lucky to have Mikki. She was able to learn our hospital environment very quickly and has proven to be a dedicated, dependable, and loyal employee. She has earned Dr. Gray’s respect and trust and he relies on her daily. Mikki was promoted to Lead Technician in September of 2015 because she demonstrated leadership in the treatment area and sets the example for others to follow with her skill level and dedication to Team TVPH.  She has been an enthusiastic employee who always shows a willingness to get things done. She has been instrumental in improving our treatment, hospitalization and surgical areas of Timber Valley Pet Hospital during the past 3 1/2  years.