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Chris Hason, Assistant Technician & Pet Care Attendant

Chris Hason

Chris recently joined Timber Valley Pet Hospital as part of our Pet Care Team. He has demonstrated a strong commitment to our patient care with his dependability, reliable attendance and willingness to come to work any day of the week when needed, including weekends. He realizes that our boarding patients’ care is a high priority, and pays close attention to their daily needs. He also stays on top of the overall sanitization and cleanliness of the entire clinic and works hard every day to keep up with the ongoing needs presented by all pets receiving services.

Chris has aspirations of becoming more involved in the veterinary field, and has been learning more about the medical care and treatments of all of our patients. He is working with our Pet Care Manager, Randell Shaklee, to provide all of the “tech appointment” needs each day of the week, which is giving him valuable hands-on experience with a wide variety of services.